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LPC Rule Amendment

Notice is hereby given that the Council intends to amend the Rules of the Council made under the authority of Sections 95(1), 95(3) and 109(2) of the Legal Practice Act, 28 of 2014 (as amended).

Explanatory Note
Words in bold type square brackets [ ] indicate proposed deletions from the existing Rules.
Words in bold and underlined with a solid line indicate proposed insertions to the existing Rules.

Amendment of Rule in the case of electronic accounting records or files hosted offsite, such records or files shall always be kept confidential, shall be reasonably secured and shall remain immediately accessible to authorised persons from the office of the firm, [and] to the Council, and to all persons entitled to access thereto by law. Where the firm engages a service provider to provide offsite storage facilities for the records and files of the firm, the firm shall procure that the contractual arrangements with the service provider shall bind the service provider to ensure compliance with the aforegoing provisions;

In terms of Section 95(4)(a) of the Act, interested persons are called upon to comment to the Council in writing on the draft amendments.

All comments must be sent by email to by no later than 9 November 2020.

LPC call for comments Amendment of Rule

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