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A superior Land Registry

4 February 2021

UK:  HM Land Registry has undertaken an extensive programme to digitise key elements of the registration process with estimated completion dates, automatic fees calculation and fewer requisitions being the planned result. 

e-Signatures and property

19 November 2020

Denoon Sampson discusses a recent judgement about the use of e-signatures when buying property, which instead of giving clarity and guidance, introduces doubt and uncertainty into this fast-growing category of technology.

Witnessed electronic signatures

16 July 2020

UK: HM Land Registry will soon begin to accept witnessed electronic signatures - controlled by conveyancers, for the conveyancing process and has published a draft practice guidance note.

Facing up

4 June 2020

UK - The current processes in identity verification in conveyancing do not feel very 21st century and they have proved difficult to maintain in the current crisis. So what can be done about it?

E-Signatures and sale agreements

28 May 2020

Denoon Sampson asks whether it is time to embark on a process of validating Electronic signatures for Immovable Property sales, Wills, Negotiable Instruments and to do away with the need for Rule 63 Authentications. 

Lexis® Pay

14 May 2020

With the COVID-19 lockdown, Lexis® Pay has come into its own as a secure online web-based payment requisition solution for legal firms to efficiently capture, approve and execute internal payments.

Lexis® DeedTracker

7 May 2020

It is time to implement Lexis® DeedTracker, a mobile scanning app using a notification system which simplifies communication between the Deeds office, lodging and instructing attorney firms.

Post COVID-19 property solutions

16 April 2020

The property market has not been left unaffected by COVID-19 and looking to the future, property professionals including conveyancers, need to be prepared for how the marketplace will change.

Impact of technology on conveyancing

28 November 2019

Greg Brown writes that conveyancers have been using technology for years, and are quick to use new technologies for reminders, updates and to keep clients and estate agents informed. 

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