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A start to digital transformation

UK: The Land Registry has released its Annual Report and Accounts, setting out its priorities for an ambitious digital transformation with an open approach to data.

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MCS Courier - May 2017

The May 2017 MCS Courier includes: Giving notice of meetings; planning future maintenance using a MAP; and uncertainty about the proper forum for levy collections.

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This week: Smoking and braaiing in sectional title schemes, how and why to help your children onto the property ladder; and buying property when young is a wise decision.

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This week: House Price Indices by major province and major metro; common property infringements in ST schemes; and can Cape Town property survive a recession?

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This week: Property Sector Code is now binding; how crowdfunding platforms democratize access to global real estate; and conveyancing needs a technological boost.


Real estate mediation

Craig Berg discusses the value and advantages of mediation in commercial and residential real estate disputes in stopping the costs before they get to court.


Taxing income on a property sale

M v the Commissioner for SARS addresses the issue of when income accrues to taxpayer from the sale of immovable properties in the course of its trade.

Sectional Titles

The Surveyor-General is watching

A small addition to the regulations under the Sectional Titles Act adds significant protection to ST scheme owners who are subject to the developer’s right to extend.

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This week: Always post good listing photos;  how the modern estate agency has metamorphosed; and foreign residential property buying has declined somewhat.