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Prohibition against transfer

29 April 2021

Allen West discusses the implication of title deed conditions in respect of agricultural holdings which contain a provision that the land may not be further subdivided, or any portion thereof sold, leased or disposed of, or transferred to two or more persons, without the consent of the Board.

Web Bytes - 826

29 April 2021

This week: Non POPI compliant residential developments to face hefty fines; Safe harbour is a positive catalytic change to conveyancing sector; and a Memorandum on the objects of the Land Court Bill, 2020.

Membership or interest

22 April 2021

Allen West discusses the Transfer Duty implications of transferring shares in a company or transferring a membership interest resulting in the purchaser getting access to and control of the property.

Paddocks Press - March 2021

22 April 2021

In this edition: "Knowledge Maps" setting out the basics of the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act, it's Regulations and the Prescribed Management and Conduct rules; tenants being nominated as trustees; and can the CSOS adjudicate parking disputes?

Web Bytes - 825

22 April 2021

This week: Paper vs. Proptech: The evolution of property inspections; Free webinar: FICA and KYC Compliance for property professionals; and the pet debate in Sectional Title schemes is far from over.

Agricultural subdivision

15 April 2021

Allen West discusses the application of the provisions of the Subdivision of Agricultural Land Act and the required documents to be lodged with all deeds when the subdivision of agricultural land is given effect to

Digital signatures - latest case law

15 April 2021

Robert Krautkramer discusses a recent case which is certain to be referred to and relied on (or criticised) in the years that lie ahead, on the vexing topic of what actually constitutes an electronic signature for the alienation of land.

Web Bytes - 824

15 April 2021

This week: Advancing a real estate sector that embodies ethics and credibility; SIU probes how master of the high court fleeces the poor; Ensuring the home buying process is not ‘slow, complex and opaque’; and retrenchment and cancelling a lease.


8 April 2021

Allen West discusses Deeds Office practice with regards the correct description of companies being wound-up, under judicial management or business rescue, or in liquidation, when deeds are lodged for registration.

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