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Sectional Titles

Paddocks Press - May 2018

The newsletter includes: repairing and replacing doors; Sectional Title Legislation and HOAs; and owners installing cameras on common property.

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This week: Residential Property Indices; will conveyancing see the end of ink; and can the Internet alone sell your home?

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This week: Vacancy rates have increased marginally; the trend is to tiny, but buildings stay big; and it looks like more houses will be sold this year.


Digital evolution in conveyancing

It’s vital that conveyancers are able to deliver the next generation client care that homebuyers have come to expect from the digital evolution.

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This week: Slight uptick in household credit and mortgage balances; sectional title complexes learn to live with Airbnb; and complex laws don't take the risk out of rentals.

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Law Society triumphs

In Proxi Smart Services (Pty) Limited vs the LSSA it was held that the full conveyancing process is regarded as professional work, and should remain so in the interest of the public.

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This week: Conveyancers urged to educate clients about fraud risks; prepare for property valuation knock-on effects; and residential building statistics.

IT & the Lawyer

For the future

Are you building a law firm which will benefit from the future - asks Emmie de Kock in a wide ranging article in De Rebus?

Sectional Titles

Paddocks Press - April 2018

The newsletter includes: Insuring owner-installed upgrades; management by a single executive agent; and the use of drones in ST schemes.