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Paddocks Press - March 2021

Paddocks Press is a monthly free digital newsletter published to educate and update the sectional title community. In this issue (Volume 16, Issue 03):

Paddocks Knowledge Maps - Graham Paddock
For some people, it is useful to get a visual overview of the basics of a particular subject. Such a 'mind map' of a particular issue or topic can be useful as a quick reference.

With this in mind, Graham is preparing "Knowledge Maps" which set out the basics of the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act, its Regulations and the Prescribed Management and Conduct rules in a series of mind maps.

Can CSOS adjudicate disputes in regard to parking? - Graham Paddock
In this article, Graham offers a critique of a CSOS decision to reject an application regarding parking in a sectional title scheme.

Sectional title levies - What am I paying for?  - Auren Freitas dos Santos
In this article, Auren explains the process of collecting levies in a sectional title scheme, and offers some tips on reducing levies.

These are some of the “new normal” ways in which bodies corporate can deal with their annual general meetings:

Club questions and answers - Paddocks Club Team
With all the interesting questions on the Club, we decided to share the following two with you:

  1. Who pays for maintenance of a sliding door that is entirely within a section?
  2. Can a tenant be nominated as a trustee without the landlord's permission?

Paddocks Press Volume 16, Issue 03

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