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After two years of publishing the GhostDigest and with over 600 articles under our belt, we have decided to expand the scope of the GhostDigest to include a separate section on practice management. Our decision was prompted by the continuing popularity of articles such as Law firm marketing is not a department and More ways for conveyancers to increase profits. To this end, we will also publish articles about the business of law and how law firms can attract and keep clients while increasing their profitability.

Topics to be covered will include financial management, strategic management, developments in, and the application of, new technology to the law firm (along the lines of the IT and the Lawyer section), human resource management, accounting news, marketing and information services, and developments in practice management. The purview of Practice Management is wide, nevertheless I hope that at the very least the articles will inform and stimulate thought.

Reader Comments:

Jacqui Hislop 12/04/2005:

As practice manager of our firm I think this is an amazing addition to your digest that I have been following for the past 4 months.

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