A partnership

A partnership between Korbitec and FNB

Attorney Gateway is a FNB approved electronic instruction and messaging service that exchanges bond instructions and progress messages between FNB's systems and Attorney Conveyancing software, such as GhostConvey.

FNB panel attorneys using GhostConvey, stand to benefit from:

  • The buck stops here!
    Single point of contact - Korbitec will assume the responsibility for both your conveyancing software and electronic instruction provider. One stop Helpdesk and branch support.

  • Error-handling at source. This implies that attorney users will get error messages in GhostConvey and bank users in the bank systems for invalid data, actions and messages. This will reduce the time and cost to understand and correct errors due to rejections external to the user interface.

  • Faster turn-around. Messages are downloaded in less than two minutes, no third party website. You have the ability to automate imports and exports.

  • Built-in Sequencing - ensures that no messages are sent out of sequence. ATP can only be downloaded if all the bank specifications are met, ensuring efficient payouts.

  • Our security solution is built into GhostConvey and frees the user from processes and cost to manage external certificates. AG provides proof of message delivery.

  • The transition is seamless. No additional installation or training is required and there is o disruption to existing business. Bank consultant uses same interface.
    Communication to non-AG banks is unaffected

  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities from within GhostConvey.

  • Cost Saving - credits are passed for all NTU's, Cancelled and withdrawn matters. No Monthly Charge - the cost is R 68.50 excl VAT per instruction.

  • Less Administration - you will receive an itemised bill from Korbitec and have the ability to produce a recon report from within GhostConvey.

The contact details for Attorney Gateway are:

Johannesburg - Andrea Wynne - AndreaW@korbitec.com 011-6126000
Durban - Kerry Muller - KerryM@korbitec.com 031-2400100
Cape Town - Peter Du Preez - PeterD@korbitec.com 021-6589700
Port Elizabeth - Janice Marsh - JaniceM@korbitec.com 041-3739981
East London - Lee-Ann King - Lee-AnnK@korbitec.com 0833215010

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