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Attorneys' firms FIC registration

Attorneys’ firms that were registered with the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) on the previous system need to update their details on the new system, called goAML. Firms will not be able to file reports with the FIC unless their registration details are updated on the new FIC system and approved by the FIC.

The FIC has e-mailed a new entity registration identity to all previously registered attorneys firms, called an “ORG ID”. This was sent to the Compliance Officer of the firm from the address

The ORG ID replaces the “AI” registration number previously issued to the registered attorneys firm. All attorneys firms must first register a Compliance Officer on goAML. They then need to update their institutions registration details to file reports with the FIC.

The FIC has published a notice about FIC registration covering:

  • Existing registrations – how to update registration profile for attorneys registered on the previous FIC system; and
  • New registrations - attorneys firms not yet registered with the FIC.

LSSA News and Notice from the FIC

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