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Cape Registrar's Circular 5/2011

Cape Registrar's Circular 5/2011 sets out the application of  the Companies Act 71 of 2008 as applied by Chief Registrar's Circular 6 of 2011 with regard to company names.

When the New Companies Act 71/2008 came into operation on 1 May 2011 conveyancers and the Deeds Office were compelled to apply its provisions.  Unfortunately CRC 6/2011 has not been applied strictly and therefore all matters registered after 1 May 2011, were as a matter of fact incorrectly registered if the provisions of the Companies act were not applied.
Cape Attorneys Guide to CRC 6 2011


Reader Comments:

Maretha Penwarden 16/09/2011:

Would have been great if these circulars were circulated much earlier! To Korbitec as well! Not much time to change all running matters! - and who will bearing the costs for the 4(1)(b) applications, which seem SO unnecessary?

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