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Marketing or business development is simple, according to Edward Poll, and is as follows: identify the people most likely to hire you for the work you want to do, let them know who you are, develop close relationships with these people to help them achieve their goals, and constantly communicate with them to ensure that you are meeting their needs.

How then can one achieve this? Firstly, avoid bad communication with your clients such as the following:

  • Unresponsiveness - to e-mails, telephone calls, faxes - a huge downer.
  • Voice-mail limbo - asking clients to press numbers and leave recorded messages frustrates them.
  • Failure to clarify and understand what the client wants.
  • Failure to communicate to the client what you are doing for them.
  • Vague bills "For legal services rendered"

Secondly, have a communication strategy and adopt a customer-service approach. This will entail:
  • Returning phone calls.
  • Knowing the names of your clients.
  • Reaching out proactively to your clients.
  • Visiting them at their homes or places of business.
  • Asking them how you are doing.
  • Showing them that you care.
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