Comparative bond market share

Taken from the Nedbank Property Forum as supplied by Property24, these figures show a fairly static spread for the months beginning April 2002 and ending July 2003.

A number of changes have occurred in the interim. The first was in April/May 2002 for First National Bank (FNB) as a result of their taking over of Saambou Bank's home loan book in May. The second was in December 2002/January 2003 when Nedcor, having been range bound with between 15 and 18% of the market share jumped to 25%. This has since dipped back to 19%.

Collectively the big four banks continue to have over 80% of the market, with ABSA steadily losing market share from the 36% in February 2002 to 30% in May this year. Interestingly the share of "Other" institutions has steadily fallen from 4.9% in February last year to 1.25% in July this year.

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