Comparative Transfer Costs

These graphs and tables compare transfer costs for South Africa, the UK, Australia and Canada. These costs are based on what many sources agree would be an average house price - notwithstanding regional variations.

The average prices in these countries are:
RSA R350 000
UK £117 000
Australia AU$350 000
Canada Can$200 000

Along with Attorney fees, Stamp duty/Transfer duty, Miscellaneous costs and Estate Agents Commission, they show the Inflation Rate and Bond Rate of these countries. These figures vary greatly depending on various conditions and circumstances. For instance an estate agent's commission can be as low as 1% or as high as 7% in South Africa. Stamp and Transfer duties also vary, for example, in Canada different states have different taxes. It is interesting to note that attorneys across the world get less than estate agents from property transfers.

Main graph

Comparative attorney transfer fees

Comparative stamp/transfer duty fees

Comparative miscellaneous costs

Comparative estate agent fees

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