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During this time we have tried to help the conveyancing profession practise more profitably as well as voice its interests.

To this end we have highlighted opportunities for conveyancers to increase profits and to cut expenses such as with the Convey Gold series of articles. We have covered a number of long running stories such as the "Room with a view" saga and the Property Rates Bill . The latest trends in E-conveyancing have also been published, as has news from overseas.

We have enjoyed many positive responses from our readers, all of which proves that the conveyancing world is vital, evolving and very necessary for the continued economic prosperity of South Africa. To this end we would like very much to publish any of your contributions, notes and observations which would be of interest to fellow conveyancers.

Such articles have been very well received. We have the readership - with over 3 500 new and returning visitors, almost 8 000 visitor sessions and over 225 000 hits a month, there is no doubt that the GhostDigest is being read by very many members of the conveyancing profession.

So if you would like to voice your opinion about any conveyancing issues or write an article I am, so to speak, just a click away at:

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