ConveyanceLink™ is an innovative 'Pay as you Convey' case management system. It enables transactions to be tracked and the efficient management within the system enables cost saving to be identified quickly. The solution, which can be installed for sole practitioners and/or multi-user practices, allows for the sending of quotations and the completion of established templates to record fees and charges for individual transactions.

As no charge is made for abortive transactions, quotations are sent free of charge. ConveyanceLink also has a diary system. This generates reports highlighting completions, exchanges, meetings and reviews. A further value of the system is the ability to add involved parties as the transaction progresses. So, for example, clients can track the progress of their transfer, saving law firms repeated phone calls.

It is worth reproducing below 10 reasons why E-Conveyancing and ConveyanceLink will be the way ahead, or more to the point why E-Conveyancing is the way ahead.

  1. Searches through NLIS will be easier, quicker and less cumbersome.
  2. The process is more transparent.
  3. Parties to a transaction are able to have access via the secure Internet link to see the state of play and the progress their solicitors are making.
  4. Chain management will reveal where any "hold up" is occurring.
  5. It may be possible to track the progress of any contract race online.
  6. The so called "registration gap" - where there is a delay between completion and updating of the land registers - will be a thing of the past.
  7. Land/charge certificates and title deeds will disappear. All the information on a property will be stored digitally at the Land Registry and accessible online through Land Registry Direct.
  8. Electronic conveyancing will assist in moving us from a system of "registration of title" to a system of "title by registration".
  9. Documents and forms will be standardised even further for Land Registry use.
  10. Conveyancers who fail to live up to the standards set by the Land Registry could well find that they are unable to conduct conveyancing electronically.

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