Conveyancing Practice Guide

Conveyancing Practice Guide. Durban: Butterworths, (2001)
Author: Fourie, DR
ISBN: 0 409 02848 7

Extract from the preface: "Conveyancing is a wide subject based largely on practice and anyone involved with the property industry has to know, not only a wide range of statues and regulations, but also the practice of the preparation of transfer documents and the deeds registry in which he plans to practise."

This little book offers a useful introduction to the practical aspects of conveyancing for conveyancers, conveyancing secretaries and estate agents. The chapters clearly explain the conveyancing process and each one is illustrated with examples of relevant documents. What makes this guide particularly useful is that each explanation and example ends with a Check List. For instance, the paragraph on Receipt of instructions has a Check List with the following points:

1) Have you acknowledged receipt of the instructions?
2) Have you properly examined the deed of sale?
3) Have you done a search at the deeds registry?
4) Have you checked the personal particulars?
5) Have you requested cancellation figures?
6) Have you obtained a valuation certificate and clearance figures?

This book has its faults. The main one been that it has no index. The second is that it is a reprint and does not reflect changes in the law since 1991.

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