Directive 1 of 2009 - Amendment of a Trust Name
Procedures to be followed, documents to be lodged and obligations by trustees to inform third parties of such name change, when an application requesting an amendment to a trust name is made.

Directive 2 of 2009 - Access to information on Trusts
Clarity as to what information/copies on trusts may be provided to applicants, without the consent of the trustees/beneficiaries, and the procedures which are to be applied when a request for access to such information is received.

Directive 3 of 2009 - Vat taken by agent as charge against the estate
The Master must allow Vat charged by the agent as an additional remuneration in terms of section 51(3)(a) of the Administration of Estates Act, 66 of 1965 as it is a necessary expense which will leave the executor out of pocket if not allowed.

Directive 4 of 2009 - Sale of immovable assets in a Section 18(3) estate
A general letter of authority issued by the Master in terms of section 18(3) does not authorize the Master's Representative to sell immovable property. A further direction from the Master authorising him is necessary should the need arise.

Effective dates
All four of the directives came into effect on the 30 March 2009.

Chief Master's Directives 1 - 4 of 2009

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