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With reference to a previous communication regarding the above as well as the various feedback sessions held on the reason for the registration process, the procedure to follow as well as timelines. The previous deadline for registrations of 28 February 2014 has been moved due to various enhancements requested by conveyancers as well as the technicality regarding partnerships and sole proprietors.

Please Note:
The due date for registration has been moved to 10 March 2014.

If you make use of the electronic platform (KORBITEC or LAW) that you use your unique electronic registration number of the vendors when submitting your registration.

Feedback as follows:
Organisations (New Registration)
The changes as requested has been developed and implemented. Firms can now apply via the City of Cape Town website to register. Please ensure that all required documentation is submitted with the registration request and that the Rates Clearance Service is activated.

Organisations (Already Registered)
If your request for registration has been approved please log on and ensure that you have activated the Rates Clearance Service. To do this please activate your Administrator role and your Administrator can thereafter activate the service You will therefore not need to re-register the organisation.

Organisations (Applications Rejected)
A number of firms have either applied and submitted incorrect applications or used the incorrect organisation type. These applications will be rejected and those firms will be notified of the rejection and will have to re-apply again.

The required changes have been made and registrations for partnerships can now be submitted via the City of Cape Town website. A CCT template has been provided which needs to be completed in full. The form must be printed, signed by all partners and scanned in as part of the documentation required for registration. The form can be accessed via the eServices Registration information page or on the Organization Registration page once the Partnership Organisation Type has been selected.

Sole Proprietors
Various options are being considered and tested. Therefore a kind request that you hold back on the registration of sole proprietors until further notice.

The latest updated guide to assist in the registration process is available on the City of Cape Town website.  Queries can be mailed to eservices@capetown.gov.za 

E Services - Registration Process Update 1 

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