Effortless integration

From within the Transfers module users can choose to 'Import Deeds Office Search Information'. The results will be used to accurately and instantly populate up to sixteen fields in a new matter. The deceptive simplicity of this new functionality is that users will no longer have to log in to other applications to do Deeds Office searches. This saves time and guarantees accuracy.

Depending on the search options chosen, a number of fields in the following tabs will be filled.

In the Transfer tab:

  • Type - person type
  • Full Names
  • Identity Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Registration Number - if a juristic entity
  • Gender
In the Property - conventional property - tab:
  • Endorsements
  • Description
  • Extent
  • Units
  • Existing Deed Number
In the Property - sectional property - tab:
  • Endorsements
  • Building name
  • Situate at
and for sections,
  • Section number
  • Extent
  • Existing Deed Number
In the SARS tab:
  • Date Property Acquired by Seller, and
  • Original Purchase Price

Now that DOTS has also been incorporated into GhostConvey users have the added ability to track the progress of their matters through the Deeds Office. An added bonus to integrated WinDeed searching is that users can also save and print their searches in a PDF format, with a date and time sequence.

We will shortly be releasing the deeds office import into our Bond and Consent modules.

For those of you who are using it already or would like to know more please email us at - Korbitec or to tell us what you think of our new features, and any ideas you may have for enhancements.

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