First National Bank's Attorney Gateway

Attorney Gateway - an electronic instruction and messaging system for the Mortgage Bond and Conveyancing community, has been wholeheartedly welcomed by the market. 60 days since receiving the green light from FNB for full commercial rollout, Korbitec has encountered unprecedented demand exceeding all expectation and it already carries 30% of all FNB's bond instructions.

So, why has it been so compelling for attorneys to switch to FNB's Attorney Gateway? According to Dawie Verryne, General Manager for Korbitec's Bank Services Division, many attorney clients are impressed by the solution design. "Attorney Gateway offers seamless bond and conveyancing software integration, ensuring that the conveyancer and bank official both work off the same set of information. This is a reality and not simply and idle promise of things to come."

Verryne believes that the emphasis on the integrated attorney desktop offers attorneys more control over their matters and enhances their productivity - "attorneys do not need to rely on e-mails or log on to websites to download or view instruction and message statuses, reports and alerts; these (and others features) are now available through the familiar user interface of the existing conveyancing software (such as GhostConvey)."

In addition, Attorney Gateway tracks and provides proof of uninterrupted end-to-end delivery of instructions and messages from the bank 's doorstep to the attorney's conveyancing software and back. "We monitor the process and auto-correct any exceptions," says Verryne. "Our figures show that, on average, attorney messages are delivered and are accessible by bank end-users within 36 seconds. This enables attorneys more time to comply with bank SLA turnaround times."

Attorney Gateway has been launched after an extensive testing and piloting period, involving FNB Home Loans and 5 pilot attorneys. Verryne attributes the smooth launch and transition to the extensive joint testing and piloting phase. He adds: "Attorney Gateway offers end-to-end security, proof of delivery, service management and bank-specific configurability, it is an extremely attractive array of functions for financial institutions who wish to communicate effectively and seamlessly with their panel attorneys. In fact, a number of progressive financial institutions are in an advanced development stage to activate Korbitec's gateway technology."

For further details and enquiries contact:
Dawie Verryne, General Manager
Korbitec Bank Services Division
e-mail: dawiev@korbitec.com
Phone: +27 (0) 11 612 6056
Mobile: +27 (0) 83 264 6297
Fax: +27 (0) 11 612 6001

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