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Increasing Technology ROI in a Legal Practice - 1: Introduction

This article is the first of five in which the author, Brian Blackwell of Practical Solutions, highlights initiatives law practices can take to harness the full potential of their technology investment. In his opinion, the main problem firms have with IT is their inability to quantify the benefits derived from what they spend on IT.

He investigates five areas.
Technology Infrastructure (servers, workstations etc). This is concerned with the stability and resilience of the IT systems.

Data and Documents (text documents, graphics, scanned images), concerns itself with the way data is created, stored, used, distributed and managed through the infrastructure. Aspects here include the costs of data that is incorrect, out of date, corrupt or useless.

Applications (accounting, case management, word processing, document management etc), concerns how applications should be used effectively and efficiently in a firm that wants an increased market share in its chosen practice areas.

Processes, deals with the processes, policies and procedures that govern the use of systems. They ensure that the fundamental requirements of the firms' business are met in a structured, controlled and streamlined manner. IT systems should be developed to meet the requirements of existing clients and to enhance communication with them.

Business Strategy, is concerned with integrating technology into the strategic goals of the firm to ensure the direction the firm wants to move in is not retarded by an inflexible infrastructure.

Keeping up with and understanding the value of technology will ensure that firms achieve their full potential.

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