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In this address, Minister Lenihan describes the Irish Law Reform Commission's Report on Reform and Modernisation of Land Law and Conveyancing Law, as being impressive in terms both of its comprehensive scope and its intellectual rigour. It contains proposals for a draft bill which will radically reform and transform Ireland's land and conveyancing laws. These proposals include:

  • simplifying land and conveyancing law and improving its presentation in order to make it more easily understood and accessible for both practitioners and the public;
  • updating the law in order to meet the changing social, demographic and economic needs of Irish society, including new forms of property ownership; and
  • making the conveyancing of property easier and faster with a view to reducing regulatory burdens and costly delays for individuals and enterprises alike.
It will be no easy task and as such will see the abolition of antiquated and arcane provisions dating back to the Norman conquest of England, such as the feudal concept of 'tenure', and the freehold/leasehold hybrid known as the 'fee farm grant' of the 17th century. In attuning the law to the needs of a modern society and economy, the minister mentions the Registration of Deeds and Title bill 2004. Here a new authority, the Property Registration Authority, will manage the Registry of Deeds and the Land Registry with the eventual aim of introducing an e-Conveyancing system.

The address and the Reform and Modernisation of Land Law and Conveyancing Law report

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