JHB GhostConvey Club – Sept 07

Dear GhostConvey Customer

Welcome once again to the Johannesburg GhostConvey Club! Our aim is to provide you with useful GhostConvey related information on a monthly basis, in addition to some more light-hearted hints, recipes, jokes etc, and not forgetting our regular competitions with some fantastic prizes up for grabs.

Competition time

Club membership is FREE and you can expect to have access to monthly published interesting information such as profiles of people and groups we deal with, including Banks, Mortgage Originators and Estate Agents. As a member of this exclusive user forum, we will also share with you useful tips about our products - just the kind of information you need in order to make your jobs easier.

To join, please email and fill in the detail prompts.

If you know of other GhostConvey users in your firm who may be interested in joining this exciting free venture - feel free to pass the message on to them so they can also join the club.

Changing firm? Please also inform us via e-mail- so we can contact you in case you win a prize ;)

August 2007 Competition Winner

Our winner for the August 2007 competition: Congratulations to Vanessa Naidoo from Dyason Inc in Pretoria. We will contact you shortly to deliver your prize!!!

September 2007 competition

Name one of the fantastic features of Attorney Gateway.

Email your answers to All correct answers will go into our lucky draw and the winner will receive a voucher to the value of R500.00

What's happening at our clients?

If you want to share anything about your firm, please email us at We will be happy to publish it on the Club.

TUCKERS INCORPORATED in Boksburg held a Beer Festival for all their clients on 23rd August 2007. They had over 300 enthusiasts attend. Staff got "dollied-up" to go with the theme and an Oompah Band entertained the crowd.

What's happening at our offices?

Spring is in the air ...

Johannesburg Celebrated spring day on the 3'rd of September.

Everyone received little Stuttafords goodie bags with perfume samples and chocolates ...
And our office was decorated to put everybody in the "spring" mood ... a fantastic way to start the day ...

GhostConvey WOW Feature

You can rearrange your Transfer Proforma/Final Account entries to your liking…

All you need to do is use the "drag-and-drop" concept. Select the account entry you would like to move, and drag it to the spot you want it, and then of course, drop it.

Make sure, though, that your cursor is over the wording of the account entry before you start dragging it with your mouse.

GhostConvey Tips and Tricks

Resending the "Authority to Pay" and "Bond Type" messages

We have had numerous queries regarding the fact that these 2 messages sometimes don't appear in the list of messages to send.
This is because they are removed from the "electronic messages to export" list once the matter has been marked as LODGED.
Should you need to send them again, you need to first remove the "Lodged" tick in the Progress Dates tab.

Something New

Cut out the "middle-man" !!
Korbitec have launched ATTORNEY GATEWAY. For those of you that have not yet heard of this fantastic new "offer", here it goes…
Attorney Gateway is an FNB approved electronic bond instruction system developed by Korbitec which FNB and FNB panel attorneys will use to send bond instructions and exchange messages… the alternative to L@W.
Attorney Gateway has a host of features that are new to the market such as error handling within GhostConvey; proof of delivery of messages between GhostConvey and the bank; free support and advanced reporting which ensures that all parties see the same data.
As Attorney Gateway is seamlessly integrated into GhostConvey a user of GhostConvey would not have to move outside of the program to do anything related to Attorney Gateway… therefore, cutting out the "middle-man".
If you would like more information on this, and are interested in converting to AG, please contact the HelpDesk(0860 266 839), or our offices (011 612-6000).

WinDeed Feature

Did you know that you can check your daily charges in terms of the searches you have done in Windeed as well as the daily charges in the Deeds Office.

It's a matter of clicking on the View menu, and selecting the following:
Charges and Invoices > Windeed Systems / Deeds Registration

From the Help Desk

This month's Help Desk personality is Denzel Brown. Denzel has been with the Korbitec Help Desk for 11 months. He has a BComm degree in Finance and is particularly strong in accounting. That said he has quickly caught on with the functionality of GhostConvey and is proving to be a decided asset with his understanding of how GhostConvey and it's sister product GhostPractice integrates. In his spare time Denzel can be found socializing with friends in many of Cape Towns trendy hotspots. GhostConvey Website

Meet the Johannesburg GhostConvey Team

Every month you will be able to put a face to a voice you might have spoken to or a name you might have heard of. We will be posting a photo of one Johannesburg GhostConvey team member each month.

It is time to meet another GhostConvey Support Consultant, BRETT WATKINS.

"If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried."

Click here to see the staff archives to date.

Recipe of the month - Aubergine and Danish Feta Stacks

Spring is here, so it's time for something new and exciting…

Serves: 4

You will need:
Olive oil
2 aubergines
200g small tub of Danish feta
1 small tub of chunky cottage cheese
½ pack of spring onions, sliced
Napolitana pasta sauce
1 punnet of rosa tomatoes
Fresh rosemary
Parmesan shavings

Here's how:
  • Cut aubergines into thick slices length ways, salt, drain and grill for 2 minutes.
  • Cheese mix - combine feta, cottage cheese, spring onion and garlic.
  • Assemble the cheese mix on a slice of aubergine.
  • Pour over Napolitana sauce and top with a second slice of aubergine.
  • Bake for 10 minutes.
  • Top with roasted rosa tomatoes and parmesan shavings.
  • Serve with green salad and grilled ciabata.
Other options
To make this a more substantial meal is to layer this like a lasagne, ie.
  • Layer the bottom of baking dish with the slices of aubergines.
  • Put the cheese layer on top, pour over Napolitana sauce.
  • Add a second layer of aubergines.
  • Top with rosa tomatoes and parmesan shavings.
Bake for 10 minutes.

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