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Letters in De Rebus

In the first, Good reasons for ad valorem tariff, Ken Mustard expands upon the value of the ad valorem tariff. These are:
Certainty: House buyers will know with certainty how much their property transfer will cost and be able to budget accordingly.

It is a form of socialism: With the lowest conveyancing fee at R760, some transfers will be done at a loss. This loss however is offset by profits made on big transfers.

In Steun vir databasis van aktevervaardigers Freddie Lombard supports the idea of Abbey Naidoo to establish a conveyancing roster. Mainly because this will divide conveyancing work from the financial institutions more fairly among attorneys, especially those who are not panel attorneys.

And in Banks delay payments on guarantees SN Naude comments on the increase in the practice of banks to pay guarantees in transfer matters two or three days after the registration of the relevant transaction. He notes the frustration this causes the parties and their irritation with the blameless conveyancer, and wonders what happens to the interest accruing on such money.

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