Maintain Email integrity

Email accounts are incredibly easy to compromise, and once attackers have compromised your email account they have the ability to access all of your email, and can intercept legitimate emails sent to you. This way the attackers can insert themselves into the middle of any transaction you are busy with and pretend to be you.

The problem is that too many people rely on email without understanding exactly how they work, and thus do not have the knowledge to know if an email is legitimate or not. Emails were not designed with security in mind. As such alternative tools that are actually designed for security and maintaining the integrity of the data are better tools for communicating, especially when you are dealing with financial transactions. 

Jason Jordaan of DFIRLABS.

To this end Lexis Convey Chat, enables effective, simple and secure communication: 

  • between attorneys dealing with the same property;
  • between external parties involved in the process - Buyer, Seller, Mortgagor, Estate Agent and Mortgage Originator using Lexis Tracker;
  • by ensuring secure encrypted messaging;
  • by encrypting all attachments;
  • by allowing for easy identification of Bond, Transfer and Consent Attorneys – each of whom are sharing potentially sensitive information about guarantee requirements and suchlike; and
  • by facilitating point to point communication – meaning a message cannot be accessed if a user is not securely logged into Lexis Convey and/or Lexis Tracker. 

Lexis Convey Conveyancers who have adopted this way of communicating insist on sharing documentation on this secure platform only. 

If you would like to contact us regarding the above please email convey.communications@lexisnexis.co.za or your Customer Relationship Manager.

While LexisNexis provides secure, encrypted software alternatives to less secure common communication media, we strongly advise that law firms continue to implement adequate security policies for payments and banking detail communications. For example by not accepting changed banking details over the phone or via email etc, as we have advised in previous articles. 


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