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Lawyers are professional service providers, and poor service can break a client relationship. Turning them into loyal, long-term clients where they feel you are taking good care of them could happen if one considers the following ten rules:

1) Send your new client a "Client Welcome Kit" - let your client know about your firm.

2) Seek to understand the big picture - learn about your client and his business.

3) Establish your client's expectations and then exceed them - create a reasonable set of expectations and try to beat them.

4) Always follow through on your commitments - don't break promises.

5) Always promptly return telephone calls, always - a darn good habit.

6) Communicate with your client in the manner he prefers - Ask your new client the method and frequency of communication he prefers and deliver your updates and progress reports accordingly.

7) Introduce your client to the team working on his matters - because your client is likely to be interacting with them more often than he does with you.

8) Resist the temptation to "over lawyer" the matter - most clients are happy with 90% and not 100% and its attendant costs.

9) Never, ever, send a surprise invoice - clear failure of communication.

10) Show your client that you appreciate his business - invest time in building the relationship.

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