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Conveyancing examination update: LSSA launches Pilot Project for Conveyancing Mentorship Programme in Mthatha and Polokwane
The LSSA has launched a pilot project for the Conveyancing Mentorship Programme as part of its interventions to address the apparent high failure rate in conveyancing examinations. This mentorship initiative forms part of the recommendations placed before the Legal Practice Council (LPC), which is responsible for regulating the examinations.

The pilot project was launched on August 1 and 2 this year via roadshows held in both Mthatha and Polokwane. In Mthatha, the roadshow was presented by the President of the LSSA, Mvuzo Notyesi, and Task Team members Sinawo Makangela and Lizee Burger. The Vice President of the LSSA, Mabaeng Lenyai, presented in Polokwane.ti The LSSA has indicated it hopes to obtain the buy-in from all the mentors and mentees who attended the roadshows. A total of 31 potential mentors and mentees attended in Mthatha, and eight in Polokwane. While the LSSA will make every effort to link the mentees to mentors, this will depend on the number of mentors available in the mentee’s preferred geographical area.

The mentorship process will take place through one-on-one and group mentorship, WhatsApp and Facebook groups. The mentees, along with other students, will also be able to take advantage of past examination papers and model answers being made freely available on the LSSA LEAD website shortly.

The LSSA hopes that by sharing their skills, knowledge, experience and expertise, mentors will play a considerable role in helping the candidates to pass the exams successfully. The LSSA is optimistic that the mentorship programme, when fully implemented, will successfully change the landscape of conveyancing in a very positive way.

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