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New look Government online front page

The entry point has two paths:

  • An Information Portal with the same range of information and documentation as before.
  • A Services Portal which will provide a way into government services. It is being developed, as the President announced in his State of the Nation Address on 21 May 2004, " ... to improve public access to government services, within two months we will launch the Batho Pele Gateway portal, which will provide streamlined government services on-line, including through public information terminals in Post Offices and Multi-Purpose Community Centres."
The gateway is intended to become a single source of information on government services, organized according to citizen needs rather than the structures of government. Over the next year the government wants to improve access to services through the use of technology and generally increase the efficiency of its core systems. It is a good gateway; clear, easy to navigate and worth a look.

Batho Pele - Putting People First.

Government Online

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