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Paddocks Press - April 2016

Paddocks Press is a monthly free digital newsletter published to educate and update the sectional title community. In this issue (Volume 11, Issue 04) Carryn discusses special resolutions in the video.

When sectional title schemes should be home owners' associations - Anton Kelly
In this article, Anton addresses how sectional title schemes can be used for a wide variety of development types. As well as traditional blocks of flats, sectional titles schemes can be shops, offices, even factories, or combinations of these. He goes on to unpack the advantages and disadvantages of using sectional title as the development methodology.

Overcrowding in sectional title schemes - Dr Carryn Melissa Durham
In this article, Carryn discusses overcrowding and how it can be a major problem in sectional title schemes, and how it could lead to management difficulties. Carryn goes on further to explain how it can affect the investment, which may result in a reduction in the market value of units. In addition it could also affect the owner’s potential rental income.

Blog post: "You're blocking my view!" - Do you have the right to a view? - Zerlinda van der Merwe
Is there a building, structure or tree in your scheme that is obstructing your view of Table Mountain, the ocean, or the banks of the Vaal River? If the answer to this question is yes, then Zerlinda unpacks whether or not you have a right to an unobstructed view from your unit.

Paddocks Club Q and A - Paddocks Club Team
Here are two interesting discussions held on Paddocks Club, in April:

  • Chairperson's concerns
  • Use of a pool area by children

Paddocks Press Volume 11, Issue 04

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