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Paddocks Press – December 09

Paddocks Press is a monthly free digital newsletter published to educate and update the sectional title community. The current issue (Volume 3, Issue 12) has a number of articles of interest, including:

Looking back at 2009 - Graham Paddock looks back and considers the following issues:

  • When will the provisions in the Sectional Titles Amendment Bill 2009 become law?
  • Are owners in arrears with levies protected by the consumer protection provisions in the National Credit Act?
  • Are Managing Agents 'debt collectors' for the purposes of the Debt Collectors Act?
  • Should the CSOS regulate Managing Agents?
  • When will the CSOS come into operation and where will its offices be situated?
  • How and when will the Department of Human Settlements make sectional title tenure more suitable for housing delivery?

Improvements vs. maintenance and repairs in sectional title schemes - Jennifer Paddock takes a thorough look at the issues surrounding and differences between maintenance and repairs in terms of the Sectional Titles Act and the prescribed management rules.

Sealants and goalies - one and the same - Rob Paddock (Rob the Builder) looks at sealants and how they work in filling joints and gaps between different building materials and form a seal that keeps air infiltration and water penetration at bay.

Roof maintenance: Keeping a lid on it - Rob Paddock (Rob the Builder) looks at the different types roofs, why they need to be maintained, and how they must be maintained.

Q & A with Jennifer Paddock - Jennifer Paddock replies to a number of questions including:
  • Ownership of walled gardens
  • Parking problems
  • Blocked sewerage pipes
Paddocks Press Vol 4, Issue 9

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