PE GhostConveyClub - February 2007

Happy New Year to all of you. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are ready for an exciting 2007!

Lots of you have asked to see a picture of Leané on her wedding Day. Leané and Quinton were married on the 18th of November 2006.

Our Windeed Account Manager, Liesl got engaged to Graeme Brown on the 16th of December 2006.

Price lists
Please make sure you are recovering the correct amounts for things like your electronic links and your deeds office searches, as well as your transactional billing. We don't want any of you being out of pocket because of price increases that have happened recently. So click here to download the latest price list.

GhostConvey updates
Keep an eye on where we will endeavour to keep you updated with useful information on a regular basis. Circulars from the Banks will also be posted here for your reference.

- Boe Private Bank has been added as a new institution.
- ABSA Commercial Property Finance has now been added as a separate Institution.
- We will be releasing our next major update in February, which will include a Developments module!

NedCor Cancellation Figures
NedCor Cancellation Figures can now be requested electronically through GhostConvey. This feature was released recently, and should be used for all NedCor cancellation requests in future for Bonds & Transfers.

Click here to download notes about requesting bonds, and here to download notes about requesting transfers.

Recipe of the month - Avocaco Dip
1 or 2 avocados
finely chopped spring onions (use the leafy parts as well as they add flavour)
couple of tablespoons natural yoghurt
½ tub low-fat smooth cottage cheese

Mix all the ingredients together and then add some spices - pepper, paprika, and/or a touch of Tabasco.

Please send us tried and tested recipes to add to the GhostConvey newsletters. It's always nice to try something different.

Wise words
"Experience is one thing you can't get for nothing." - Oscar Wilde, playwright

Valentine's Competition
We will be spoiling one couple to a romantic evening meal on Valentines Day at Madison on First in Walmer.

To enter we need you to Add your own details to the GhostFind Module in GhostConvey and use GhostFind to find your entry afterwards. We need a screen shot of your screen once you've successfully found your entry.
Please include your Your Name, Firm Name and e-mail address and send to

If you aren't sure how to do a screen shot from your computer:-
When you have the required info on your screen, press Alt+PrtSc (button) together and then flip into MS Word and Press Cntl + V to paste the picture of what was displayed on your screen. :)

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