Practising law

31 January 2008

The second article in a series in De Rebus aimed at helping smaller practices identify practice management issues to help them increase their productivity. The author believes that the legal profession is a profession and it is precisely this aspect that should not be forgotten in running a law business. Apply sound business principles, but don't forgo the ethics and professionalism that underlie the profession. That said, the main objective remains to make money, because financial instability will leave one worrying about financial issues rather than serving one's clients.

Therefore, it is time to manage practices in such a way that every decision made can be measured against whether or not it will enhance the profitability of the firm. So, for instance: don't buy new software when it won't be used and don't appoint staff when it does not add to the bottom line. As a final note, having a profitable practice does not mean doing pro bono work.

De Rebus

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