Registrar's Circulars

Pretoria Registrar's Notice 8/2014

Linking of Documents

  1. The purpose of this notice is to draw the importance of CRC 15/2014 to the attention of the examiners and Conveyancers. The lodgement of documents after examination creates a risk of not being linked and examined.

  2. Conveyancers must ensure that documents lodged at execution, should be referred to the examiners who examined the batch for examination, linking and initialling of the document.

  3. Documents in a deed must be linked in the following order: Power of Attorney, Transfer Duty Receipt, Clearance Certificate, Supporting documents, Data Sheets and lastly the Note Sheet and in the following manner:

    1-7 (with initial of examiner)


    Each document must also be numbered clearly and initialled by the examiner. Unnecessary documents must be marked with an R" and stapled on the inside of the front cover. The documents must not be linked but a note must be raised to remove the documents.

  4. All new documents must be fully examined, initialled by both the junior and the senior examiner and linked in the prescribed manner. Examiners must ensure that the initialling follows the specimen initial as provided. The previous linking must be deleted and new linking must be done with initialling by the examiner.

  5. RC /2012 make provision for a deed of substitution to be lodged by the appointed Conveyancer before or at execution If a deed of substitution is lodged at preparation, examiners must examine, initial and link the deed of substitution. If a deed of substitution is lodged at execution, the deed of substitution must be referred to the Manager in charge of execution to examine, initial and link the deed of substitution.

  6. The Final Check section must verify that the linking of the documents are correct and that there are no documents that are not linked or that any documents are removed without the linking being amended accordingly.

Pretoria Registrar's Notice 8 of 2014

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