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Real time processing

Technology is finally delivering real value to the intricate aspects of Practice Management, by helping practices to easily re-engineer their (previously) complicated processes. GhostPractice has an immediate and significant impact by turning "historical based processing" into "real time processing".

Historical Processing sees users do their work in one set of applications (e.g. Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook), only to have to remember to post the fees and notes (in relation to that work), into another system or even worse, write up fees manually.

Real Time Processing (in GhostPractice) allows users to work from one application and seamlessly integrates with the other (required) applications, from a central point. With all departments connected to one another in real time and users working with one productivity tool (GhostPractice), users capture more and do it with far more accuracy than ever before. There is no duplication in a real time processing environment and your management information will always reflect the actual and not the historical position of your business!

If you want to make some sense of technology and tie all your systems into one manageable deliverable, then you should be looking at GhostPractice. It is the ONLY sensible option available if you want to run your practices business processes efficiently and in real time! To find out more, feel free to contact Matthew Spagnoletti on 082 568 4738 / or watch out for the next article "The Advantages of a Real Time System".

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