Reform group's e-conveyancing plans

The Law Reform Commission has outlined proposals aimed at developing an electronic system for the transfer of the ownership of property in Ireland. In its Modelling Report, a Project Board drawn from the public and private sector to coordinate the next phase in the development of an eConveyancing system for Ireland is planned. Its task is to make a detailed assessment of the most appropriate model for e-conveyancing in Ireland. The Modelling Report identified various delays and deficiencies in the conveyancing system and the commission hoped stakeholders will quickly discuss the changes outlined in the report.

These include the standardisation of documents used, the avoidance of overlap in sourcing information from stakeholders, and increased communication between them. Of interest is the belief that the move to e-conveyancing is a policy matter for the government, rather than a matter of law reform.

Article on RTE and The Law Reform Commission of Ireland

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