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Roadshow iPad winners

First the the three winners of iPad 2’s (with purple sleeves) are:

  • Alec Leicher – Knowles Hussain Lindsay Inc. – Johannesburg, 
  • Andre Styger – Neumann van Rooyen – Welkom and
  • Martina Tome – Bill Tolken Hendrikse Inc – Cape Town – congratulations.


Secondly, we thought we would share some of the overwhelmingly positive feedback which we received from some of the over 500 attendees this year. 

Comments include:

Very informative and interesting.  Good effort to keep up "with the times".

Great inspiration from all speakers to meet challenges and find tipping points!

Hooray to the three I's: Interesting, Informative and Intriguing speakers :). 

I found it very interesting, especially David Gibbons' talk which I find a bit mind-blowing as I have always been a bit "scared" of facebook and twitter.  I will have to change and embrace it.

Thank you for the innovative and positive encouragement in a tough market!

Excellent marketing suggestions!  Social media is going to take the legal profession to the next level and make the profession available to all.

I loved the presentation.  Armed with the information and new marketing ideas, my firm and I will have the courage to face the future with optimism, knowing that Korbitec with GhostConvey always assist us attorneys.

 It is good to cover topics and speakers relevant to the industry.  Always reflect and cover new developments.  Well done in this roadshow!

Great marketing ideas and interesting take on the profession of conveyancers and their moral obligations and that integrity is still of utmost importance. 

Keep your diaries open as GhostConvey’s next roadshow is in October 2012 and if you are one of those who said this was the best roadshow ever, next year’s is going to be even better.

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