S 118 rejections

Regarding the rejection of incorrect and incomplete S 118 applications.

The Rates Clearance section has been inundated with incorrect and or incomplete applications as well as incorrect payments. This is placing an additional administrative burden on the section that subsequently has to be dealt with manually which ultimately causes delays in the issuing of the certificates, including the correct applications.

For a week or two, all of the aforementioned applications were rejected. This had a positive effect on the day to day operations of the Rates Clearance section and also turnaround time. To monitor the impact of the rejection process, the Rates Clearance section stopped rejecting these incorrect and incomplete applications. Needless to say it was disappointing to note the increase in the number of incorrect and incomplete applications as well as incorrect payments.

Examples include:

  • No forwarding address of the seller where the final municipal account must be posted to.
  • No address of the buyer where the new municipal account must be posted to.
  • No ID documents attached Incorrect ID documents attached.
  • Incomplete application form Incorrect payments or payments made directly by the seller.
  • Refund form (electronic application) not signed.
  • Copy of official bank statement or cancelled cheque not submitted with refund form.

Therefore, effective Monday 02 September 2013, all incorrect or incomplete S 118 applications submitted or incorrect payments made, will be rejected and the application (Case) closed.

Thus meaning a new application for financial values must be submitted for a new Case to be created, the new financial values as well as the admin fee must be paid again and the application will be treated as a new application.

Rejection of incorrect S 118 Applications

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