Sectional Titles

Sectional title and hot water

The hot water installation in a sectional title is this exception. Management rule 68(1) (vii) of the Sectional Titles Act 95 of 1986 states that: "An owner shall maintain the hot water installation which serves his section, or, where such installation serves more than one section, the owners concerned shall maintain such installation pro-rata, notwithstanding that such appliance is situated in part of the common property and is insured in terms of the policy taken out by the body corporate."

This is the case where a geyser is situated in the common property such as above the ceiling, but the owner of the section served by the "installation", including the geyser, is responsible for it. The article continues by discussing the problems of defining what is included and what is not in a "hot water installation", as well as confusion surrounding geyser insurance.

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