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The writer, Renata Saayman begins her letter by noting that after initial apprehension about computer systems, the conveyancing industry has largely embraced the new electronic platform. Software, the Internet, anti-virus software, firewalls, mail servers and ISP's are now part of the vocabulary of an industry which has almost brought a complete turnabout in the manner in which conveyancing firms are managed.

Despite the evident benefits, and her awareness of future prospects, the writer has issues. The most immediate is a feeling that the conveyancer, in being expected to continuously enhance his computer systems, is being taken advantage of by developers of new software.

To solve this problem she poses a number of questions to developers, to wit:

  • Why not develop an interface to access the required data from the conveyancer's existing database?
  • Why not train "super users" on software in one's firm, who, with an extensive knowledge of conveyancing and software, will be able to troubleshoot problems.
  • Address billing issues.
  • Reduce the costs of and the amount of messaging.
If these questions are addressed, the writer feels that there is a way for conveyancers to become more productive, and still ensure that developers are paid.

De Rebus

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