Teranet eConveyancing

Ontario's eConveyancing solution is regarded as the most progressive currently in operation. It offers the closest solution to an "end-to-end" eConveyancing solution in existence, and it has functional modules such as: property registration, solicitor communication facilities, online searches, online mapping functions and dealings with financial institutions.

Ontario's approach started as a government initiative before taking the form of a public private partnership (PPP) with Teranet as the private partner. Below is a schematic representation of the system with an explanation of its various aspects.

Overview of Teranet system

  • eRegistration: Documents are created, submitted, registered and maintained in electronic form. These electronic documents are created and modified online.

  • eSearch: Land titles can be searched using an online system as well as planning related information and court judgements.

  • eFinance: All interactions with financial institutions throughout the conveyancing process is standardised and facilitated online through the system.

  • eMapping: Digitised parcels maps are integrated with the titles database and other mapping systems. This required a complete resurveying of the Ontario region.

  • Bar ex: A value-added tool provides the legal community with a gateway to a broad range of legal practice tools and resources and is integrated with the Law Society which provides validation of the legal users.

  • eTax: The solution offers a facility to pay all relevant taxes due online through the system as it is integrated with the revenue authorities.
Relevant stakeholders share in the ownership of modules which apply to them. For example, the Canadian Law Society has a share in the "Bar ex" product, which is an electronic tool for the legal profession for matters such as litigation and commercial law.

The Teranet system has 15 000 secured users, and it has resulted in a significant reduction in the amount of paper generated in the conveyancing process with all but the most essential documents being kept in electronic format.

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