Threats and opportunities

What threats and opportunities face the conveyancing profession, and what do you think - let us know. A straw poll conducted recently revealed the following, and they are worthy of your comment and consideration:


  • Slowing property market - less demand;
  • Increased competition amongst conveyancers (lower margins);
  • Financial institutions using technology to monitor performance;
  • New property legislation - many unknowns;
  • Local authority and Deeds Office delays;
  • SARS initiatives to check taxes before transfer; and
  • Zimbabwe style land anarchy.

  • Tech savvy firms can still do well;
  • Decreasing bandwidth/Internet/telephony costs;
  • Rates, SARS and other electronic initiatives;
  • Many new land parcels to be unlocked;
  • General economic growth still strong; and
  • SA considered under borrowed - new bond opportunities.
So, let us know either by emailing me, John de Villiers or by adding them below and we will publish your views.

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