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Transactional billing introduced

Until recently GhostWare products were offered to users on a monthly rental-billing basis only. Now users have a choice of the following billing methods:
* Transactional billing option - a per bond or per transfer charge; or
* Monthly rental billing option - traditional method.

The benefit to users of being billed per bond or transfer is that transactional billing allows them to accurately allocate a processing charge to each matter. The Law Society of South Africa Property Committee has given permission for law firms to recover this disbursement from their clients.

So, users now have a choice, with no obligation to change, and those firms who elect to continue with the monthly rental option are welcome to continue.

If you would like to know more about the new transactional billing option, please contact one of the following branch managers:

Cape Town
Mike Greeff
(0)21 658 9700

Malcolm Pearson
(0)31 207 3547

East London
Lee-Ann King
(0)83 321 5010

Brian Hammond
(0)11 656 0920

Port Elizabeth
Janice Marsh
(0)41 373 9981

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