UK Land Registry Tender

Despite having a large in-house Information Systems Directorate, the UK Land Registry needs a prime-contractor to support it in integrating/developing its e-conveyancing programme within England and Wales. As an indication of the complexity of this initiative, the Land Registry has identified the following areas where help and support are required:

  • support to help develop and build the central e-conveyancing service;
  • support with back-office systems development;
  • general help and support - for development and user support (internal and external);
  • training and skills transfer;
  • development skills;
  • IT systems integration;
  • testing and assurance help and support;
  • development of channel services;
  • development of security solutions;
  • development of complex interfacing solutions (including interfacing to financial institutions);
  • software design and development;
  • ongoing hardware and software requirements;
  • systems implementation;
  • database development;
  • web development;
  • project management assistance;
  • interfacing with other government departments;
  • business system process design.
And this list is not exhaustive.

Land Registry website

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