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Development land attracting both local and international investors
Auction Alliance - South Africa
The economic conditions experienced over the past two years have contributed to an increase in development land coming to the market. Such pieces of land, particularly those with approved plans, offer fantastic investment opportunities and are therefore attracting enormous interest from both international and local investors alike.

''Development land with approved plans is a prime investment opportunity, as the planning process has been completed and approved, allowing construction to begin when market conditions become favourable,'' comments Jacques du Toit, sectoral analyst at ABSA Bank. Investors have been watching key development land with approved plans, such as golf estates for example, with keen interest as the majority of them are believed to hold considerable long-term investment potential.
Auction Alliance

Secrets of a successful estate agent
RealEstateWeb - South Africa
Deter Deppisch argues it comes down to hard work and honesty.
Wanting to be the best that you can be requires more than just desire. Talk-show hosts and movie stars love clichés like "Believe in yourself", "Reach for the stars", "If you can dream it, you can have it" and other similar drivel.

Having just travelled the length and breadth of South Africa addressing delegates from the property industry, I have been both disappointed and inspired. Disappointed by the alarming number of agents who still think they can make a quick-buck selling houses any old way. And inspired by those who are a change catalysts - who remodel the public's negative perceptions of estate agents, one person at a time by their professional work ethic.

Property - Offshore property
Business Day - South Africa
The quickening pace of globalisation offers SA investors properties almost anywhere. Apartments in London and on Australia's Gold Coast, offices in Chile, shopping centres in Romania, Germany and Britain, listed funds in New York ... and on and on.

But is this the right time to move your money offshore? The view of Marius Fenwick, head of the financial services arm of accountants Mazars, is typical: "Now is the opportune time to invest offshore as the strength of the rand makes offshore investment attractive," he says in the company's latest newsletter. "The purpose is not necessarily to generate superior investment returns," he goes on.
Business Day

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