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Joburg property valuation questions answered
IolProperty - South Africa
The City of Joburg has announced that the supplementary valuation roll for part of the financial year from February 1, 2015 to September 30, 2015 is open for the public.

The city's revenue department spokesman, Kgamanyane Maphologela, says the city has complied with the Municipal Property Rates Act (MPRA) 6 of 2004 Section 49 by inviting those property owners affected to give their input.

"The property owners are notified by post if their property is reflected in the supplementary valuation roll 4. The notice was also published in three main newspapers and will again be published a week thereafter," says Maphologela.

The information is also published on the city's website. The objection period for customers is from March 16 to May 13.

Property Barometer
FNB - South Africa
The FNB House Price Index’s year-on-year inflation rate slowed in March, as gradual interest rate hiking and a slow economy appear to take effect.
In March 2016, the FNB House Price Index recorded a 6.0% year-on-year rate of increase, which is slower than the revised rate of the prior month. This mild slowing is believed to be further sign of a weak economy and rising interest rates gradually taking effect on the residential market, slowing demand for housing.

FNB Valuers’ market perceptions have been supportive of the expectation of slowing house price growth to come, with some mild market weakening in the Valuers’ Market Strength Index (MSI) having been recorded of late.

However, there are some indications that the pace of deterioration in the MSI, as well as the pace of deterioration in certain key economic indicators, may have slowed at least.
FNB Property Barometer

Should you pay a large deposit on an investment property?
Steeple - South Africa
Making the decision to buy an additional property for investment purposes is a major step and can yield long term returns, however there are many choices you need to make first, such as whether or not it is wise to pay a large deposit.

There are pros and cons associated with paying a large deposit when buying an investment property.

A major advantage is reducing the mortgage bond required, which would mean lower monthly repayments. In this way, it may be possible for the rental income to cover the monthly bond costs plus some of the other costs like maintenance, municipal rates and taxes, insurance etc.
Should you pay a large deposit


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