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Occupational rent and your rights
Rawson - South Africa
The payment of occupational rent is a standard clause in almost every property sales contract, and yet it is also one of the more common causes of contention between buyers and sellers. Confusion abounds over who is responsible for what, and when these payments should come into play, and disagreements over the details can and have caused many a sale to fall through.

"Occupational rent is also known as occupational interest, designed to protect both the buyer and the seller," says Bill Rawson, Chairman of the Rawson Property Group. "It can apply to freehold and sectional title purchases, whether you're buying from an individual or off-plan from a developer, and should be carefully considered and negotiated before signing an agreement of sale."
Occupational rent

Readying your home for winter
PSG Insure - South Africa
The topic of drought has been in the national discourse for months now and millions of South Africans have been hoping for rain to revitalise the nation’s agricultural industry and bring food inflation to heel. But while rain would be a great blessing for South Africa, in certain instances it can also be problematic.

Water damage caused by heavy rains can range from minor damage in the garden to more serious issues like damaged roofs or flooding, not to mention the kind of problems caused by inadequate clean-up after rain like mould, fungus, rot or vermin.

With winter upon us, certain parts of the country are entering their rainy season, so now is the perfect time to consider a few of the complications that could arise from heavy rains around your home. However, for both wet and dry winter areas it’s important to educate yourself about the risks associated with winter weather to avoid potential financial loss.
Readying your home

Discussion on Mitchell Judgment
JAA and Schindlers - South Africa
The Johannesburg Attorneys Association and Chantelle Gladwin of Schindlers Attorneys will hosting a discussion on 25 May on the implications of City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality v PJ Mitchell (38/2015) [2015] ZASCA 1 for all stakeholders in the property industry.

Property Barometer - Indices by size
FNB - South Africa
"Smaller remains better" in the financially constrained housing market

Size counts in the South African housing market these days. This should come as no surprise, given ongoing rapid municipal and utilities tariff hikes, raising home operating costs, interest rates gradually rising, and weak economic and income growth. And then there is the “sliding scale” for transfer duties, putting more expensing homes, which are on average larger, into higher transfer duty brackets. And if that’s not enough, a proliferation of consumer goods and services on the market competes with property for a share of the disposable income “pie”. The long and the short of it is that “smaller appears to be increasingly better”
FNB Property Barometer

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