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One city comes out tops with the highest house price inflation growth
Lightstone - South Africa
After the subprime mortgage crises of 2007/2008, the South African property market took a good few years to recover and achieve an annual growth rate of 5%. There is, however, one metro that has seen significantly higher house price inflation over the years. In this newsletter, we reveal which city that is, and unpack possible reasons for its upward growth trend.

How to evict a tenant – When to start the process
HomeTimes - South Africa
Rent is late…again. As this dreadful month-end ritual unfolds, you can’t help but wonder: Will the rent be paid in full, or at all, this time? If not, what then? Can this situation be resolved? How can it be prevented? Perhaps the most common predicament landlords face when having to evict a tenant is the uncertainty of what to expect and figuring out what to do. In her book, The Landlord’s Guide – Property Rental and Eviction, attorney and MD of SSLR Inc, Cilna Steyn, provides guidance on some of the typical problems facing landlords while providing the legal options available to address them.

Will your “smart” home attract more buyers?
Harcourts - South Africa
It was once said that the only thing you can be certain of in life is “change”. That’s never been more true than it is today. The pace of change is manic – and that’s also been evident in real estate offering to hit the market.

The world has woken up to the fact that resources are precious – electricity, water, and even time - are precious commodities that we just can’t afford to waste. Enter the age of the “smart” home. New age solar power systems are so much more efficient than before. They use the power of the sun to charge new-generation batteries that can power your home.

Smart “apps” allow you to program your appliances to operate when you have your best access to free electricity. The latest systems will allow you to be virtually independent of the power grid. That represents a huge cost saving – but also means you are not at the mercies of Eskom.

Jeremy Cronin to speak on Expropriation Bill at Rode-REIM Conference 2016
Rode - South Africa
A highlight on the calendar of the South African property industry, the annual conference jointly organised by renowned property economist Erwin Rode of Rode & Associates and Real Estate Investor Magazine, will take place in Johannesburg on 27 September and in Cape Town on 29 September.

This year’s event, sponsored by Greystone Residential, will see audiences in both centres addressed by the South African Deputy Minister of Public Works, Jeremy Cronin (who will talk on the Government’s Expropriation Bill) and Stephen Brookes of Balwin Properties (on the case for new property developments in South Africa).

Both centres will also hear panel discussions with experts in the field on the increase in offshore investments in the global village, as well as Erwin Rode’s annual assessment on the prospects for property in the year ahead.
Jeremy Cronin to speak on Expropriation Bill

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