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How can conveyancers compete with large law firms?
UK - TodaysConveyancer
In the world of conveyancing, there are minnows and sharks, and according to recent data from the Land Registry, the former are falling victim to market capitalisation by the latter.

While the overall picture for the conveyancing industry is positive, with demand for services at their highest levels since the UK voted to leave the EU, the number of firms in the sector is at its lowest levels since records began. Data for December 2018 shows there were 306,302 applications for transfers of title, charges, and notices submitted to the Land Registry by 5,354 registered entities. Of these, 971 registered entities made fewer than 2 applications, and 2,557 made 10 or less. In contrast, the top ten registered entities made 78,307 applications, approximately the same as the bottom 4,830 providers.

This illustrates a heavily skewed distribution in the number of conveyancing transactions in favour of the big players, leaving relatively little for the overwhelming majority. At the top end, especially in the top 100, Land Registry applications are being made by the main banks, large law firms, and those businesses focusing on conveyancing transactions.

Crisis in Western Cape’s construction industry
South Africa - Property360
Challenges in the development pipeline are aggravating the difficulties experienced by the construction industry

There is a crisis playing out in the Western Cape’s construction industry, and it is not just due to the weak economic climate.

Of course, the economy is playing a huge role in the decline of new, completed homes in the province, but this is not where the crux of the problem lies, says Deon van Zyl, chairman of the Western Cape Property Development Forum. The real crisis is in the development pipeline process.

Although finding exact construction data is “difficult” – due to the fact that local authorities tend to report on planning and building applications and not on the construction process, plus the fact that various industry bodies do not present formal data – Van Zyl says residential construction is slowing.

Provincial Councils results
South Africa - LSSA
The Legal Practice Council has conducted and finalised the process of its nine Provincial Councils.

They will take up office and regulate legal practitioners in their respective jurisdictions from 1 April 2019.

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