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NHBRC billions should be used to aid industry
South Africa - Property360
The National Home Builders Registration Council should reinvest the billions it is sitting on to help the devastated development and construction industry, says the Western Cape Property Development Forum.

Shortly after lockdown was announced, the forum called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to urgently enact emergency legislation to allow access to some of the R6.747 billion of NHBRC funds to support contractors needing to pay their sub-contractors and labour a living wage.

It also intends to call on the council to suspend the charging of registration and enrolment fees for at least the period it takes for the development and construction industries to recover.

Conveyancing industry issues coronavirus guidance
UK - Mortgagestrategy
An industry group, including the Law Society and the Conveyancing Association, has published guidance pertaining to conveyancers with clients moving house in the current environment.

The guidance, which has support from HM Land Registry, contains advice in four areas: amending existing contracts; for clients who have already exchanged contracts; for those yet to exchange contracts and; those who have to move now.

It includes a draft clause and processes for firms to follow, as well as listing various needs, such as how to alter existing contracts, and sets out how to deal with additional costs.
Mortgage strategy

Cloudy with a chance of data loss
South Africa - Tech4Law
The current #lockdown has forced businesses to #WorkFromAnywhere in an attempt to maintain #BusinessAsUsual. This article focuses on the technological challenges faced in migrating to the cloud.

First, it is suitable to deal with some terminology in order to get clarity on what we are dealing with.

Broadband internet – often a cable based solution such as ADSL or Fibre dependent on physical infrastructure. Terminates in a local router, which makes the internet locally available. 3G/4G/5G/LTE are wireless cellular network data carrier protocols, with 5G being the latest, and fastest, but with a shorter range.

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