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Processing attorneys trust interest and bank charges
South Africa - Tech4Law
Attorneys Trust Banking accounts are strictly regulated and require special care when dealing with the operating costs and any interest received. It is important to note that the regulatory regime changed in July 2019 with the introduction of the Legal Practice Act.

Most prominent in the regulatory framework is the following:

Legal Practice Act Section 86

Trust accounts

86. (1) Every legal practitioner referred to in section 84(1) must operate a trust account.

Smart cities - a reality for South Africa?
South Africa - PropertyWheel
Rainmaker Marketing recently held their ninth informative property webinar since the start of the national lockdown.
With an international panel of experts, the online discussion revolved around the concept of some of the best smart cities internationally and how these could be replicated in South Africa.

“Just coming out of National Arbour Week, we are constantly reminded of the crippling effect that load shedding has on our day to day lives and the economy” commented Stefan Botha, Director of Rainmaker Marketing, and facilitator of the webinar.

“The topic of smart cities is relevant. We have asked ourselves how South Africa can look at international smart city solutions and how these could potentially transform our country’s landscape?”

“Every country has different dynamics to work with and looking at how this is possible, we will figure out what these possibilities consist of” he says.

7 Powerful Strategies To Increase Your Residential Conveyancing ‘Quotes Prices’ And Still Get ‘Yes’
UK - Today's Conveyancer
What if there was a way to increase your ‘conveyancing quotes’ fees and still get potential clients to say yes? What if this was the case, even if you were more expensive than your competitors?

After months of ‘lockdown’, tough restrictions and pretending to be busy from our kitchen tables with virtually no business around, at last residential conveyancing has made a comeback. As efforts to stimulate business and the economy ‘kick in’, including the Stamp Duty relaxations until next March, property departments in many firms, are reporting a significant upturn in market demand. Unless we are all forced into hibernation again, the volume of work is likely to continue to increase. With this in mind, simply winning the work ought not now to be the sole aim, but doing so at really ‘profitable’ fees should be the name of the game.

So, as more and more potential clients get in touch and ask for ‘quotes’, now is the time to be brave and look for ways to maximise your fees. If you don’t do this you may end being swamped with business, compromising quality in order to cope and inhibiting your potential profits.
Today's Conveyancer

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