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Consolidated Directive Court Operations High Courts of Gauteng National State of Disaster 18 September 2020
South Africa - Gauteng Attorneys Association
Consolidated Directive in re Court Operations in the High Courts of Gauteng during the National State of Disaster 18 September 2020 Please find below the amended consolidated Directive regarding court operations in the High Courts of the Gauteng Division. The CaseLines quick reference guide, as referred to in paragraph 247 thereof, is also available. The documents can be viewed in a browser and downloaded by clicking on the buttons below.

Unless specifically stated otherwise herein, the directives are effective immediately upon publication on 18 September 2020. The Consolidated Directive issued on 11 May 2020, Protocol re Media access to Court proceedings issued on 4 June 2020, Protocol re the issuing of warrants of execution and subpoenas issued on 11 June 2020 and Notice: Extension of the 11 May 2020 Consolidated Directive issued on 2 August 2020 are withdrawn and replaced with this Consolidated Directive.
Gauteng Attorneys Association

Absa Homeowner sentiment index
South Africa - Absa
Conclusion and outlook
In the Q1 2020 HSI we started to see how respondents’ sentiments about the property industry re?ected their belief that property has the potential to help them weather the current social and economic uncertainty. The results of the current HSI show that these sentiments are even more pronounced.

COVID19-speci?c mentions have surprisingly also reduced, as we see respondents’ source of concern shift towards uncertainty in general. This is likely due to the increasing number of challenges that respondents are facing / expect to face. The diversity of responses now indicate concerns that span economic uncertainty, the political outlook, COVID-19 and future property prices.

We’re seeing a move by respondents who already own investment property towards fortifying their existing portfolios – they’re the least in support of either making new investments or selling existing property and view the current time as the most appropriate to renovate and/or make alterations to property. Where respondents who already own investment property sentiment differs the most from their would-be clientele is in the appropriateness to buy vs rent – where they increased their sentiment towards buying vs. renting by 12% (to be ranked the highest at 83%), the renter segment increased their sentiment the least, landing them at 71% overall, which is ahead only of the population that currently neither rents nor owns property.
Absa Homeowner Sentiment Index Q2-2020

Virus led to rapid take-up of e-conveyancing in Australia
Ireland - Law Gazette
The chief executive of Australian e-conveyancing platform PEXA Glenn King has told Irish solicitors that e-conveyancing is inevitable and that they must proactively participate in shaping its story.

“Moving away from paper, and moving to digital, actually helps your business, helps your client, and helps your business become more efficient and effective,” he said, speaking at the LexTech ‘Future of Law’ webinar today. “If you don’t get involved in this, you are going to be left behind, because it’s going to happen anyway,” he continued.

“If you resist the change, it will be done to you,” he said, pointing to the taxi industry which stood still as its business model was disrupted by ride-sharing platforms such as Uber.
Law Gazette

Data Is The Answer To Overcome Conveyancing ‘Log-Jams’ Confirms SearchFlow
UK - Todays Conveyancer
In response to media reports of a conveyancing ‘log-jam’ and increasing delays to property transaction completion, resulting from the Stamp Duty Land Tax holiday* deadline and an upsurge in demand, SearchFlow is urging property lawyers to consider data-driven alternatives to traditional search packs as a viable means to keep transactions flowing.

During lockdown, SearchFlow launched its Continuity Property Solution, which is a data-backed insurance policy with a £1m indemnity alongside quality-assured data taken from the UK’s largest historic property database, spanning over 20 years. This provides both real-time and historic property data so that property lawyers and conveyancers have a viable option to maintain service and complete transactions as quickly and efficiently as possible during the Stamp Duty holiday.
Todays Conveyancer

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