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Welcome to the Lexis® Digest

After sixteen years the GhostDigest has undergone a slick redesign and has been renamed the Lexis® Digest.

What is new?
In terms of design, look and feel, the refreshed design reflects LexisNexis’ new brand Corporate Identity and with it the ability to deliver improved functionality and responsiveness across mobile devices. A Slider Gallery on the home page adds more imagery to the site and highlights without being intrusive, articles of ongoing interest in addition to the latest articles. A Twitter feed to @LexisNexisZA and the links in the footer to LexisNexis news, product information and online bookstore, add a wealth of content and information without detracting from the easy readability of articles.

Lexis Convey Cost Calculator
The Lexis Convey Cost Calculator consisting of a transfer, bond cost and repayment calculator is perhaps from a conveyancing perspective, the most useful addition to the Lexis Digest website and is our implementation of what is a must have tool for every conveyancing practice website.

What remains?
Content - every single article in the GhostDigest has been included in the Lexis Digest, as has every accepted and posted comment. The menu structure remains the same but has moved to the top, under the ARTICLES tab.  Naturally "Ghosts" will linger, which is to be expected considering the age of the site.

Future content
Over the coming months new sections will be teased out of the existing ones to allow for more accessible structure while more sections will be added to broaden our content offering into the rich content available to LexisNexis.

Bottom line
With a new look, the inclusion of all historical content, the addition of a cost calculator and a broader content offering the Lexis Digest will remain your trusted, most insightful source for all conveyancing related news.

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